Top Snowboarders to Train at High Cascade

2013-07-12 10:33

MT. HOOD, OR (July 12) – U.S. Snowboarding’s top riders will be preparing for the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi with a pair of on-snow training sessions at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood. Olympic medalists Kelly Clark (W. Dover, VT), Hannah Teter (Belmont, VT), Gretchen Bleiler (Aspen, CO) and Scotty Lago (Seabrook, NH) will be among the athletes training in High Cascade’s 22’ superpipe.


  • Top U.S. Snowboarding riders will prepare for the upcoming Sochi Olympic Winter Games with a pair of on-snow training sessions at High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood.
  • The High Cascade Snowboard Camp sessions are set for July 7-12 and July 17-22.
  • Olympic champions Kelly Clark (W. Dover, VT) and Hannah Teter (Belmont, VT), along with medalists Gretchen Bleiler (Aspen, CO) and Scotty Lago (Seabrook, NH) will be among the athletes training.
  • High Cascade features two private parks designed specifically for snowboarders.
  • High Cascade’s Lap Park is built with jumps and banks for cruising, finished off with a pair of bib hips and an Olympic-sized jump. Athletes can easily lap the park on Timberline’s high-speed express quad.
  • The High Cascade Main Park features a dedicated rope tow serving a mini-pipe, jump and rail lines, and Rail Island™ with ride up/ride down features.
  • The 22-foot superpipe has its own dedicated rope tow plus an airbag jump.
  • All the High Cascade Snowboard Camp parks are crafted by noted halfpipe builder Pat Malendoski.
  • High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood, which began in 1989, has long been recognized as an industry leader in snowboard camps and park building.
  • The 2014 Olympic Snowboarding Team will be named Saturday, Jan. 19 at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix finale at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

CAMP DATES: July 7-12, July 17-11

Greg Bretz
Benji Farrow 
Matt Ladley 
Scott Lago
Luke Mitrani
Louie Vito

Gretchen Bleiler
Kelly Clark 
Elena Hight
Arielle Gold 
Ellery Hollingsworth
Maddy Schaffrick
Hannah Teter

Louie Vito
Mt. Hood is a key place to ride in the summer time. High Cascade Snowboard Camp has a great set up year in and year out up on the glacier. It’s a great facility to ride - sunny, warm, and soft - perfect for learning some new tricks for the coming winter.

Mike Jankowski, U.S. Snowboarding Head Coach
Riding at Mt. Hood is a tradition for U.S. snowboarders. There is nothing more fun than riding a perfect setup like High Cascade's on a sunny, summer day. The team plans to get some good quality days perfecting old tricks and learning new ones. Anything can happen up there when everyone is pushing each other and having fun doing it. Campers and pros alike are going to leave Mt. Hood with new tricks in the bag from handplants to double-corks. It's all good up on Hood!

Kevin English, Co-Owner & Executive Director
High Cascade Snowboard Camp is the world’s only 100% snowboard camp with natural snow all summer long.  And for nearly ten years before snowboarding became an Olympic event, HCSC was cultivating and progressing snowboarding’s culture, terrain features, and coaching techniques.  We are amazed at where snowboarding has gone since those early days and are extremely proud to currently be supporting U.S. Snowboarding and all of the talented athletes who have worked so hard to be where they are today.  

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