Benefits to USSA Clubs


Benefits offered to all USSA Clubs (beginning 2015/2016 some of these benefits may be available to certified clubs only)

  • Listing in USSA's online club directory
  • Ability to link your club from the USSA website
  • Competition guides for your sport program(s)
  • On demand club rosters
  • Ability to conduct USSA and FIS competitions - Including Event Organizer Insurance coverage
  • Subscription to Ski Racing Magazine
  • Use of USSA logo
  • Access to general Club Development materials and resources
  • Access to COE TV (this is a USSA member benefit)
  • Participation in the on-going monthly Club Development Workshops 
  • Club Development Programming and Workshops coordinated with existing (or new) regional or state gatherings/events – regional workshops, symposiums, etc.
  • Training and assistance in implementing SkillsQuest
  • Club Delivery program for USSA Coaching Certification (Alpine only)
  • Direct Assistance with the Club Certification Process



Additional benefits for Podium (Bronze, Silver and Gold Certified) Clubs

  • Recognition, use of USSA Podium Club Logos and marketing support
  • Invitations to provide content for Club Development Workshops
  • Professional development opportunities for staff
    • Participation in club visits
    • Presentations at Club Excellence Conference and Club Development Workshops
  • Co-branding opportunities for USSA-Club marketing
  • Assistance with identifying available grants and general fundraising support
  • Existing and new opportunities for use of COE and other opportunities for athletes, staff and boards
  • Opportunities to participate on Professional Panels and in Professional Forums

Additional benefits for Silver and Gold Certified Clubs

  • Direct USSA Staff support regarding negotiations with resorts (hill space, fees, events, etc.) and venue development
  • Collaboration in developing Club Development materials and resources
  • Participation and leadership in Podium Club track at the annual Club Excellence Conference.
  • Participation in delivering on-going monthly Club Development Curriculum (can double as professional development)

NOTE: This is a new program – the USSA is working with regional and national partners to continue developing benefits for clubs associated with USSA Club Certification, including potential funding opportunities offered directly to USSA Certified Clubs.

Services offered for fees to all USSA Clubs (delivered by USSA Staff and Club Expert Consultants) – offered at subsidized or below market value rates

  • Strategic Plan facilitation
  • Board Development
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Support
  • Human Resource Management
  • Program and Organizational Assessment Strategies

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