Points and Rankings

The ability to measure one competitor's performance against another is the heart of competive athletics. In a country as large as the USA, it's improtant to have measurement tools to evaluate performance of skiers around the nation. Performance of USSA athletes is evaluated through various ranking lists. Athletes competing in scored competitions earn points, which are calculated mathematically to allow ranking lists to be developed. Ranking lists, in turn, are used by USSA for selection to teams, entry into higher level competitions and for development projects.
USSA Ranking Lists
USSA ranking lists utilize finishes from USSA scored competitions.
FIS Ranking Lists
FIS ranking lists utilize finishes from FIS competitions worldwide, including those in the USA.
QRP Ranking Lists
Qualifying Race Point ranking lists utilize finishes in Nor-Am and U19 Series competitions to rank junior athletes. 
Alpine Ranking List Overview
Ski racers are: 1) scored by total points for each seeded competition in which they finish without disqualification, 2) ranked nationally and internationally according to their earned total points, and 3) seeded in subsequent competitions according to their total points earned in previous events. Thus, in ski racing, things are done ‘by the numbers’.

Points are used in ski racing because of the unique character of the sport: there is no precisely defined standard field, track, or course for the competition. To compensate for courses of different length, on widely varying terrain, and on snow surfaces that can differ considerably, the FIS legislated 1) guidelines, such as minimum vertical drop, minimum and maximum number of gates, and gate dimensions, for the setting of courses, and 2) formulas for assigning points by relating a racer’s time to the winner’s time.

For more information on how the Points are calculated, see Chapter 2, Points and Rankings, of the Alpine Competition Guide whcih can be found on the Rules page.

Alpine Points List Downloads

6th USSA Alpine Points List for season 2017-18 - valiNov. 16 to Dec. 13, 2017

6th FIS Alpine Points List for season 2017-18 - valid Nov. 16 to Dec. 13, 2017

6th FIS Alpine List Cover Page for season 2017-18

4th USSA Masters Membership List for season 2016-17 - updated March 1, 2017

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QRP Ranking Lists


Other Lists

The foreign athlete authorization list is here.

The list of athletes on membership hold is here.

More information on the USSA Concussion Policy including reporting instructions and release forms can be found here.


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