Sideslip with Edge Set

ATS Phase 2 | Ages 6-10 | 1-4 years skiing

Objective:  To go straight down the fall-line then rotate both skis simultaneously until skis are perpendicular to fall-line to sideslip and finish with an edge set and pole plant.

Primary Skill:  Rotary (also a significant edging component)

Justification:  Rotation of the ski is used in many ways. Combined with the skill of edging in one drill makes this very ski-specific. Similar to the rotary and edging demands involved with a steered turn entry to a carved completion.

Slope:  Easy intermediate groomed terrain with a consistent fall-line.


  • Start in a straight run down the fall-line
  • Skis are maintained at hip width throughout the drill
  • After 15 meters, both skis are pivoted across the fall-line
  • A sideslip will be maintained for six vertical meters in an unmarked ski width corridor
  • The skier concludes with an edge set that is timed with the pole touch and holds stopped position for three seconds
  • The test is performed with a stop in each direction

Criteria for Perfect Execution:

  • Direction of travel does not deviate from fall-line
  • Hip width stance in all phases of the drill
  • Skis are pivoted simultaneously
  • Skier remains in a ski width corridor
  • Pole touch coincides with edge set

Kid-Friendly Instructions for Young Athletes:

  • Ski straight down the hill to get up to speed
  • Then quickly pivot your skis to turn them
  • across the hill, turning both feet sideways at the same time
  • Continue slipping sideways straight down the hill
  • Stop by setting your edges and planting your downhill pole
  • Hold still for 3 seconds
  • Keep your skis hip-width apart the whole time
  • Then do the same drill turning your skis in the other direction


Coaching Points:

  • The two most critical components with this drill are that the skier moves into the sideslip without a step and that the skier stays directly in the fall-line
  • Coach can help athletes stay in the fall-line by putting a dye line straight down the fall-line, or by dragging their poles along the snow making a line down the fall-line that the athletes try to keep their feet over at all times during the exercise
  • Inclusion of the pole plant at the end of the drill is an important reinforcement of proper pole plant mechanics at this phase. This can be further emphasized as an exercise by moving from the edge set with pole plant straight into the drill going to the other side

Straight Run to Side Slip with Edge Set Demonstration

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