Steps & Jumps

Ages 2-6-Play Age 1-4 years in sport

Objective: To be able to move from foot to foot and jump off both feet.
Primary Skill: Pressure
Justification: Balancing on one foot and transferring weight from foot-to-foot actively promote an
athletic stance and balance on the outside ski of a turn. Jumping off both feet simultaneously while
maintaining a straight run promotes fore/aft balance and an athletic stance.
Slope: Beginner groomed terrain that is even from side to side, without sidehill or fall-away.
Set-up: Panels or poles to indicate the start and finish.
• Ski in a straight run down the fall-line,
• Lift one ski off the snow, then the other, twice on
each side,
• Then the skier jumps in the air four times.
Criteria for perfect execution:
• Skier maintains a straight path down the fall-line
• Equal distance is maintained between both skis
and knees
• Skier steps completely off each ski
• Ski(s) in the air are parallel to snow surface
• Skier jumps off both feet simultaneously
• Skier lands on both feet simultaneously
• Skier makes four steps and four jumps
• Skier steps and jumps quietly while having economy of upper body movement
Kid- Friendly Start Instructions:
Make four steps then four jumps
• Keep your skis and knees the same
distance apart even when you step,
jump and land
• Jump and land with both feet at the
same time
• Step and jump with your legs, keeping
the rest of your body quiet
Based on the description and criteria for perfect execution above, the skier will be judged on a scale
from 0 to 10 where 10 is perfect demonstration of the skill and task and 0 is the inability to demonstrate the skill and task.

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