Planning: Where are We?

Before you start any planning process it is important that your club and its leadership understand exactly where you currently are. The exercise of acknowledging what “you are here” means for your organization will help to ensure that your mission and vision is appropriate and relevant, and it will also help to begin mapping out next steps, goals and objectives for organizational improvement.

Take the following steps to better understand where you are as an organization:

Assess your organizational life cycle  

SWOT Analysis

The true value of planning is the annual evaluation process where club leadership can assess performance relative to the club’s goals. Annually, a club should perform a SWOT analysis identifying internal strengths and weaknesses, along with external opportunities and threats. Clubs are often unaware of the value of the exercise and the need to respond in a proactive and positive manner to the problems and opportunities identified. While there are many SWOT analysis formats, one is attached that will help you complete this process in an effective and efficient manner. Too often this exercise generates a laundry list of items with very little analysis or follow-up. The attachment will help you to identify internal and external alignements such that your organization can focus on 3-5 new strategic objectives.

SWOT Analysis Worksheet


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