Governance: Board Manual


The bylaws of an organization may not be user friendly. It is helpful to compile a more user friendly Board Manual. This can be used to orient new board members, guide the board in its on-going operations and leadership roles, and be a place to house all important organizational documentation. The Board Manual should contain:

I.       History­­­­­­­­­

II.      Mission

III.     Programs

IV.     Synopsis of most important and operational bylaws

V.      Composition of board of directors

VI.      Election to the board of directors and succession planning

VII.     Governance model, roles or board members and officers

VIII.    Organizational structure and committees

IX.      Evaluation of organization, director, board and board members

X.       Financial policies

XI.      Development and fundraising policies (“Give and/or Get policy”)

XII.     Non-discrimination policy

XIII.    Conflict resolution policy

XIV.    Other key policies

XV.     Description of primary strategic alliances and relations with other entities


You may also use the Manual as a place to hold other current and up-to-date hard (or electronic) copies of important documents. Examples may include:

Attachment #1: Articles of Incorporation

Attachment #2: Current By-Laws

Attachment #3: Need Scholarship Guidelines and Application

Attachment #4: Merit Scholarship Guidelines and Application

Attachment #5: Scholarship Review Criteria


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